A rainbow floral green fragrance with fresh and woody notes capturing the essence of our African spirit and aligning it with true French chic.

Made with essential oils directly from Grasse in France, the home of so many great perfumes. The glass beads are made with pride by the local women in the rural areas of the Midlands in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

The iconic zebra is part Di Thompson’s personal Burchell heritage and also my love of the classic tradition of black and white.

Creating a fragrance is not only a journey of all our senses but also an exploration into the well-spring of our artistic inspirations!

“Manzi” is the Zulu word meaning water and it is with such pleasure that I bring to you my eau de parfum…..dimanzi

Get up, dress up....and show up wearing dimanzi eau de parfum!

Di Thompson

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The Guerlain brand is one rich in history, a story that above all else leaves a legacy of luxury. The Guerlain beauty brand goes back 5 generations, founded in 1828 in Paris. The Guerlain family always on the cutting edge of creativity and fashion.

Guerlain is a prestigious perfumery and makeup & skincare brand, based in France. Le Visage is proud to offer exclusive Guerlain products. Browse our boutique and treat yourself…



Hubert de Givenchy founded his namesake fashion house in 1952. No sooner did it open than it earned a reputation for breaking with fashion codes of its time. After an incredibly successful 40 years career he would be succeeded by some of fashion’s great talents that contributed to the house of Givenchy ongoing story.

Le Visage supply the premier cosmetic brand Givenchy. A brand that is synonymous with glamour, fashion and beauty. Le Visage supplies prestigious cosmetics and beauty products by the internationally renowned brand.

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Sans Soucis


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“Sans Soucis” – a name that in Europe evokes two associations: the favourite palace of Frederick the Great in Potsdam, and the great cosmetic brand. In 1939, company founder Walter Friedmann opened his first beauty salon not far from the Sans Soucis palace in Potsdam. Here he developed cosmetic products which gradually won worldwide acclaim. His clear commitment: the development of innovative beauty products with a close-to-nature core.

For over 75+ years Sans Soucis Cosmetics has been one of Europe’s most successful and innovative cosmetic brands. Formulated with mineral rich thermal spring waters from Baden-Baden, Germany and enhanced by the regenerative powers of marine extracts, Sans Soucis products target all skin conditions to help promote the elasticity and cell renewal of the skin for a visibly youthful and radiant appearance. Sans Soucis Cosmetics products offer best in class quality.

What makes the Sans Soucis brand so distinguished is its use of mineral rich thermal spring water and pure botanical ingredients. View our product range and give your skin the nourishment it deserves.



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Essel is an innovative, proudly South African skin care company offering high technological skin care products to its consumers. All our products and brands are the result of extensive research and development and based on the latest innovations in raw materials and cosmeceutical formulations.

What makes these products so popular is the South African element. The products are designed specifically with the harsh and unpredictable South African environment in mind.

Developed to repair, maintain and restore your skin and can now be enjoyed by every discerning consumer. Essel Skin Care treatments are recommended by leading aesthetic practitioners and beauty therapists both locally and internationally.

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